Sir Adye Douglas was a lawyer, politician and entrepreneur. He was the son of Captain Henry Osborne Douglas and was educated in Hampshire and Normandy. He first served with a legal firm in Southampton before founding his own firm in 1838.  

George Thomas Collins was the son of William Collins, a publican and was educated at Launceston Church Grammar School and the Church of England Grammar School. Collins joined the family of Douglas when his mother married Douglas. Collins was articled under Douglas before he joined the firm in 1861.

Together they build a practice with clients extending to Victoria. Besides being lawyers, both Douglas and Collins were involved in politics and held seats within the legislative council.

Collins was also involved in a diverse number of Launceston organisations and was a director of several companies including the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Turf Club, Tamar Rowing Club, Northern Fisheries Association and Chairman of the Northern Tasmanian Division of the Red Cross Society.

Douglas represented Launceston at the first House of Assembly and represented Tasmania at the Federal Council of Australasia in Sydney. Douglas was knighted in 1902 and was one of the first Tasmanians to receive this distinguished award.

Sir Adye Douglas Sir Adye Douglas
George Thomas Collins George Thomas Collins